short half-long long ultra-long
Hair washing 10 12 15 20
Haircut + washing + blow-drying 24 27 30 33
Hair ends’ trim (without washing) 15
Hair ends’ trim + washing + blow-drying 18 20 23
Fringe cut 6
Hair straightening or curls + washing 18 20 23 25
Blow-dried hair + washing 18 20 23 25
Festive hairstyle 22 28 35 40
Wedding hairstyle 40
Wedding hairstyle with sampling 55
Oleoplex treatment + washing 27 35 40 45
Hair treatment mask + washing 17 20 23 25
Braiding 10 15 20
 Crystal line installation into the hair 15 15 15
  HAIR DYEING The cost of hair dye is not included in the cost of the service!
General dyeing (+ dye price) 35 40 45 50
General dyeing or highlighting (+dye price) + haircut 50 55 60 70
Dyeing hair roots (+ dye price) 25 28 32 38
Dyeing hair roots (+dye price) + haircut 40 45 50 55
Dyeing with different techniques (done using multiple dyes; + dye price) 40 45 55 65
Dyeing hair strands with foil 37 42 50 60
Dyeing hair strands with a hat 30
Highlighting (half of the head) 28 35 45 55
Partial notching 25 30 35 45
Hair-dye removal 28 35 45 55
Dye price (g) 0.25
Permanent curls 40 45 55  65
Hair washing 6
Blow-drying + washing 14
Head massage 6
Haircut + washing 18
Tattoo cut 20
Model cut 22
Clipper cut + washing 14
Bald-shave + washing 8
Beard trimming 5
Beard outlining 4
Moustache outlining 4
Neck trimming 4
Dyeing hair roots for men (+dye price) 20
General dyeing for men (+dye price) 28
Haircut (up to 8 years old) 10
Model haircut (up to 8 years old) 15
Sonic face cleansing 45
Mechanical face cleansing 45
Express face cleansing, 30 min 30
Intensive renewing and whitening facial treatment with C-vitamin from Mediderma (with fruit acids) 43
Intensive nourishing treatment for dry skin with micro hyaluronic acid from Thalion 40
Refreshing face treatment 40
Rejuvenating face treatment 50
Around-the-eye-care 30
Special intensive facial treatment for men 39
Décolletage cleansing 25
Back cleansing 40
Firming and tightening skincare for breasts and neck 39
Darsonval treatment (15 min) 8
Treatment of hair loss, stimulation of hair growth by Darsonval (15 min) 15
Classical eyelash extensions attachment, 2-2,5 h 35
Classical eyelash extensions intermediate maintenance (up to two weeks after the attachment) 20
Classical eyelash extensions maintenance (up to three weeks after the attachment) 25
Volume eyelash extensions, 2.5-3 h 45
Maintenance of volume eyelash extensions 35
Classical+volume mix eyelash extensions, 2.5-3 h 40
Classical+volume mix eyelash extensions maintenance 40
Eyelash extensions removal 15
Attachment of Swarovski crystals onto lashes, 1 pc 2
Permanent dyeing of lashes 7
Permanent dyeing of brows 7
Brow plucking/modelling 7
Brow's waxing 7
Permanent dyeing of lashes and brows + modelling 17
Permanent dyeing+styling of eyebrows with Brow Henna (bio-tattoo) 16
Permanent curling of lashes - lash lift (lasts up to two months) 30
Lash lamination (lasts up to two months) 30
Lash lamination + Botox (lasts up to two months) 35
Legs, full length 30
Shins 16
Thighs 16
The bikini line 21
Brazilian bikini 30
Arms, full length 20
Arms until the elbow 15
Armpits 14
Lip area 7
Chin 7
Cheeks 7
Brows’ waxing 7
Armpits 16
Back 26
Shins 22
Thighs 24
Legs, full length 42
Color print for body (temporary "tattoo") 5
Ear piercing with earrings 20
Ear piercing 1 ear with earring 10
Belly piercing with belly ring 35
Ear-(cartilage), industrial-, nose-, eybrow-, lip-, tongue-, nipples piercing with cannula (including jewel price) 20
Express makeup (15 min) 15
Wedding makeup 35
Day makeup 25
Evening makeup 30
Photo makeup 30
  PERMANENT MAKEUP Please book a few days in advance! The complete procedure takes about 2 hours, correction is about 1 hour
Eyebrows - imitation of natural eyebrow hair 135
Eyebrows - shadow drawing 145
Eyebrows - combination of shadow + eyebrow hair 170
Eyebrows - 3D volume - 3 and more shades are used 175
Eyes - thick eyelashes - eyelash space filling 120
Eyes - eyeliner - classic eye liner effect 135
Eyes - eyeliner with different colors 155
Eyes - correction of the eye corners shape 135
Eyes - lower eyelid 50
Lips - light lip contour using natural shades 135
Lips - lip contour with blending 150
Lips - watercolor technique light contourless blending 160
Lips - 3D volume-3 or more shades are used 170
Lips - fully dense color filling 150
Creation of freckles and birthmarks 50
Permanent makeup correction (during first 2 month) 75
Permanent makeup renewal a year later 90
Permanent makeup renewal a 2-3 years later the full cost of the procedure
Gel nails’ attachment with coloured gel 40
Gel nails’ attachment in French style 43
Covering of natural nails with coloured gel (including French) 35
Gel nails’ maintenance with coloured gel (short) 25
Gel nails’ maintenance with coloured gel (medium) 27
Gel nails’ maintenance with coloured gel (long) 30
Gel nails’ maintenance French (short) 28
Gel nails’ maintenance French (medium) 30
Gel nails’ maintenance French (long) 33
Fixing nails during maintenance, 1 pc 2
Fixing artificial nails, 1 pc 5
Artificial nails’ removal (price includes light express manicure) 15
Nail painting, 1 nail 0.50
Nail stones, 1 nail 0.50
Manicure using Gel-lacquer / maintenance 27 / 30
French manicure using Gel-lacquer / maintenance 30 / 33
Gel-lacquer removal (price includes light express manicure or express pedicure) 12/13
Manicure 20
French manicure 23
Machine-manicure 25
Paraffin treatment for hands 15
SPA manicure (manicure with polish, peeling, paraffin, cream, massage) / with Gel-laquer 30 / 37
Lacquering 7
Lacquering in French style 10
Pedicure, 40 min - 1,5 h (depends on feet condition) 35
Machine-pedicure 1-1,5h 40
Men’s pedicure 40
Pedicure with Gel-laquer (includes old Gel-lacquer removing) 40
Express pedicure with Gel-laquer, without heels (includes old Gel-lacquer removing) 35
Paraffin treatment for legs 17
SPA pedicure, 2 h (thorough pedicure with lacquer, peeling, paraffin, cream, massage) / with Gel-laquer (includes old Gel-lacquer removing) 40 / 45
French pedicure, 1,5 h 38
Detox-program 3 in 1 (envelopment+scrub+massage), 2h 70
Slimming pearl body scrub, 30 min 25
"Tired legs", 50 min 30

It is very effective method of restoration and prevention of different kinds of diseases, returns energy and forces to the tired muscles and increases their working capacity. Strengthens sheaves and joints, allows liquidating pains and hypostases.

Classical massage, 45 min 28
Classical massage, 1 h 32
Classical massage, 75 min 36
Classical massage, 1,5 h 40

It is one of the ancient Tibetan massages and is based on the bioenergy. Honey is used as the adhesive to remove “contaminated” energy from the body. The energy channels are cleaned and the energy is flowing freely again within those channels. The massage is also good for the blood circulation in the lower layers of the skin and in the muscles. Honey is like an adhesive for the toxins, which combines with them and helps to eliminate them from the body. The massage is very good for the aging skin and for the skin, which has lost its elasticity and is loose. It tonicizes and is firmly stretching for the skin.
Honey massage is recommended for them who have muscle tension, colds, emotional stress, cellulite and problems with joints. This massage is not recommended for people allergic to honey.

Honey massage, 30 min 28
Honey massage, 45 min 32
Honey massage, 1 h 35

This type of massage is stronger than the classical massage and is preferably for the persons who are doing sports. The purpose is to improve the blood circulation of the musculature and the elasticity of the connective tissue. The massage helps to prevent sport injuries.

Sports massage, 30 min 28
Sports massage, 1 h 35
Sports massage, 75 min 40
Sports massage, 1,5 h 44
ANTI-STRESS RELAX MASSAGE Classic relaxing massage for all body, 1 h 38
Anti-stress-relax massage (back, neck, shoulders), 30 min 25

Thanks to aroma massage you will give yourself peace of mind; get rid of negative emotions such as fear, sadness, and anger, loosen the symptoms caused by stress and improve your health and mood.

Aroma massage, 1 h 35
Aroma massage, 1,5 h 43

Anticellulite manual massage is considered to be one of the very effective types of massage, it is completely safe. It normalizes metabolism and promotes weight loss, and also stimulates the development of `youth proteins`, collagen and elastin. Effect on the absorption of the subcutaneous fat layer. For best results it is necessary to receive continuous treatment. It is also suitable for preventing the evolving of fat tissue.

Anticellulite massage, 1 h 35
Anticellulite massage, 1,5 h 45

The distinctive feature of cup massage is the vacuum created with the help of cups. The vacuum improves the circulation of fluids and relieves muscle tension. Cup massage trims the skin, cleanses pores, reduces cellulites and provides help with joint problems. The massage is not suitable in the case of open wounds, eczema, metabolic disorders, kidney diseases, varicose veins, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and during menstruation.

Cup massage, 1 h 35
Lymphatic massage, 1 h 35
Back massage, 30 min 27
Back massage, 1 t 35

This foot massage helps to restore the functioning of internal organs and reduce pain in the joints and back, because there are many points on the feet, associated with the various organs of the body and spine.

Reflexology (foot massage), 30 min 25

This massage is helpful for aging skin, facial muscles slack, and dehydrated skin, if there are little scars or wrinkles, helps to relieve swelling. Improves oxygenation of tissues with oxygen, increasing their power.

Face massage 20 min + 10 min mask 30

This is a simple, pleasant and very efficient procedure. Relaxation, a direct impact on the functioning of the brain, improving the condition of the hair and scalp, getting rid of insomnia and headache, can help relieve daily stress and contribute to a deep and peaceful sleep.

Head massage, 30 min 22
Baby massage, 30 min 22